• Bulk liquid tanker haulage either on a dedicated contract basis or on spot hire making use of single compartment or multi-compartment tankers for the carriage of most chemicals both hazardous and non-hazardous. S.J.Barrick Limited has been assessed by S.Q.A.S.
  • Tank container haulage in the UK and mainland Europe in conjunction with our Dutch partner Jan Dohmen B.V.
  • Bulk powder tanker haulage both tipping and non-tipping tankers predominantly cement and cement related products but with scope for other products if and when required.
  • Distribution of palletized building products with vehicles equipped with either crane or fork lift truck.
  • Bulk tippers. Mainly sand and aggregates or other dense materials.
  • All vehicles are fitted with cellular phones, so direct contact can be made with the traffic office at all times.

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