About us

S.J. Barrick Limited started business at Goxhill North Lincolnshire in 1924 when the founder Sydney Joseph Barrick took produce from local farmers to the market in Kingston-upon-Hull using a horse and cart. He would sell the produce on behalf of the farmers and bring back goods for local businesses and traders.

Since then the company, which is still family owned and controlled has grown from this small one man enterprise to a substantial business, operating over fifty goods vehicles, a fleet of 10+ 30ft lift tank chassis, and 50,000 sq ft of warehousing.

In the early days the haulage business was engaged primarily with the well known local tile yards bringing in raw materials and delivering the finished products to building sites and merchants nationwide and this activity is still an important part of our operation after over fifty years. This is an indication of our belief that you should never lose sight of the value of long term customer relations.

Additionally S.J.Barrick Limited has diversified into bulk liquid and bulk powder haulage and has developed a warehousing operation. We are ISO9002 registered both for haulage and warehousing and our warehouses are GAFTA and OFF registered.

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